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NukeSentinel(tm) 2.6.01
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Site Map:


Stranger things have happened :)

Platinum Nuke Pro v2 forums added

Platinum Nuke Pro v2.0.0 SitRep

Switching php version

Site themes

Cant open pm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Two themes i would like converted

Migrating phpBB Forums from 7.6.4b2 through PNP current

Problems with NukeC30 module - repairing NukeCAddonName

NukeCops PHPNuke Analyzer

NukeCops PHPNuke Analyzer


.htaccess weirdness

None of the included themes support right side blocks??

Conversion up from 7.6.4b2

Jquery missing includes definition somewhere

urgent please - must upgrade from Nuke Platinum 7.6 to a cur

Can't open PM's with apostrophe in them

Problem with news module Solved

how to get rid of test mode

What Are The Differences?

Did Something Wrong...

Themes, And Where To Get Them...

Delgados Computer Hosting

Theme Header

Register Link Issues

Warning: Invalid CRT Parameters...

How would much someone charge to install a working PNP?

Install permissions, then clean up.

I have a couple blocks that are not working in this ver.

Hello All


How to Get Rid Of default users group

Smartphone Friendly

pop up

Free Web Cam Chat Room

Looking for a WOW horde theme

Module Creator

Last Post date issue


Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550

Turn of the Attention...You are not logged in...Please login

Platinum Nuke Pro now on GitHub

Testimonial Module

Content Module Issue

Weird Issue With Sommaire Block

Security GFX for contact Form

Not Able To Edit News Items?

whatsup people?

Rotating Banner


What happend to Nuke Platinum?

theme question

register signs problem

After spending time on the Demo site

Wiki Module

Enough snow already

General Help & Feedback

new theme looks awesome

New theming site coming soon

Cant register

cannot get site to come up when installed

limiting the tags options

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year

Happy Christmas

All site editors freezing

Platinum Nuke Pro v1.0.0b

Platinum Nuke Pro Demo Site!

Im Back

blank Page After Installation

Site Logo Help

Happy Birthday Pedro!

mail send error

need some help


Whats up

Error Warning csrf-magic.php

Admin page

nukeSEO: META Tags / Keywords

Parse error:

wont let me even get to the page to install?

Problem please help

EvoXtreme209d to PNPv1.x.x

Trying to make links in the header ?

evo extreme to new plat v1b

Any Help with this guys?

BMW Mpower theme

Free Streaming Software

More Games

[HOW-TO] Upgrade 7.6.b4 to Current Version

Upgrading 76b4 all the way to Platinum Nuke Pro

Upgrading 76b4 all the way to Platinum Nuke Pro


latest news in forums

About Us module v1.0

At-A-Glance MOD Update

[SOLED]remove the Latest Site News and Recent Topics

2 Months Free

Free sms

arcade games

online manga viewer

Hosting panel

Need Help!!!!!

AOG Andromeda News and CKeditor issues

upgrade conversion help

[SOLVED]install problem

CMS Consulting Inc.

Hey Guys I need Some help..

Image/Banner Slider Help

CMS Consulting


Huge Theme Issue!! Remove from update and this site asap

Platinum Nuke Pro 7.6.PNPv1.0.0b released

hey guys question about ranks


Modify Downloads Bug

Theme tips

Emporium 2 shopping questions

Release Date?

Any Nuke Platinum Splash Screen Ideas?

New Platinum install troubleshooting small errors help

Tag Cloud Editing

NukeSentinel(tm) and User Registration Question

god admin

Unable to install - 403

Theme Select Block

Theme Select

Time Problem(Time Change Did Not Automatically Take Place)

Snavi Suggestion

Customizing sNavi to match your themes

Situation Report for PNPv1.0.1

errors on hosting module

Forum Topic Titles Boxover Mod Bug

Change Time

Converting old themes to work with Theme Console?

Nuke Supporters_2 Active Sites not cooperating with theme

I need a translation on spanish of pnpro v1

Converting Forums To BBcode v5.1.0

I got a few questions, please bear with me

Moving News Block?

Downloads Edit Link Causes Infinite Loop

Themes I've Converted 7.6.PNPv1.0.0

Block/ Module text Color Question

Theme Standards and Guidelines?


when trying to upgrade SQL from 76b4to76b5 and I get trouble

Creating a New Page

Legal Information Questions and Concerns

Please login or register an account

Ad Banner Bug

NukeC v3.7.5 Warnings

500 Internet Server Error

This Being supported anymore?

Ok my site is Platinum 7.6.b.4 I know very outdated but...


Why Is The actual National Cheap Wow Gold

Theme converstion

Anonymous users posting


Error Document

Install was success ... but i got whitepage

spam bots

Maybe someone can help me, wanting to set things up on local


Happy New Year

Merry XMas

Coppermine Question


Changes in the next update

PNPv1.0.0 English language pack

How's it going?

got some problems (Solved)

need some help

Platinum Nuke Pro v1.0.0 Released!

Forums Cleaned up and getting ready for PNPv1 release!

Forum rank buttons

can this theme work with our site

config.php file

Platinum Nuke Pro Beta 410 now available! (Final Testing)


Whats UP????

[SOLVED] Error 403:Forbidden in Download Module

Install IP-2-Country Tables?

how do you turn on the task bar

Platinum Nuke Pro Beta 403 now available! (Final Testing)

My recent absence

no left blocks on forums

blanc screen after install

[SOLVED] next page click on forum user posts view

Platinum Nuke Pro Beta 388 now available! (Final Testing)

Rank By Days


Public Beta b372 now available for download!

bugs list

PNPv1 Development Update

[SOLVED]not saving new advertising banner[FIX]

[FIXED] facebook share button on homepage

[SOLVED] "login or register" screen when not logge

[SOLVED]footer message

member application?

new user activation error

some forum questions

user registeration

Just a check up

New user registration question

Turning Tower into Server/Webhosting

5 New themes addded to download area

site configuration settings not saving

chmod permissions in auto installer

Public Beta b350 now available for download!

Which is the correct stable version for our clan forum

need help with google +1 button

PNP Forum News module released

stable release?

Line : 631 File : admin_ug_auth.php

Theme-Console in PNP PureWhite theme

Arcade Games

beta v0.b338 available for testing

Admin Error Issue

Rank Prob

password registration

Application Modules fail to install (SOLVED)

[SOLVED] Captcha/Security Code Issue

Updating Emporium Shopping Cart

Platinum Nuke Pro public beta v0.b334 now available

Happy Easter!

blocked from site by sentinel

[Known-future udt}Error messages at the top of the page

[not-PNP-issue] Shopping Cart Categories Problem

PNPv0.b330 patch

[SOLVED] Problem accessing my site

[SOLVED] Supporters 2

[SOLVED] Some known issues (just found)

Platinum Nuke Pro public beta released!

Release 2 days away!

need a 502 sql dump

beta-r314(latest Ver.)

Beta r314

Next Beta package

[SOLVED] Coppermine

PNProV1-beta-r302 General Configuration [Solved]

Viewprofile issue.[updates]

Platinum Black theme fixed[updates]

Forum Update[updates]

PNPv1-beta- r302

Forums initial install DB

Registration (Latest Beta Ver. )


Twitter like #hashtags for forums and @author

[SOLVED] Forum User Profile Error

Error in: Group Permissions Control

User manager issue


Upgrade SQLs

My Account bug

Time Zone

Calender Updated

Replacement forum country flag images w/installer

forum flag images[Closed]

PNPv1beta file updates002

User Administration/Registration Information


DFW Site info user list

[SOLVED] user registration


PLEASE READ: How to post bugs

Group Permissions error

PNPv1beta file updates 001

Closed Beta Testing Started!

Beta testing to start this week!

template issue


Ravens Nation

Whoo Hooo Mantis goes Mobile

Play off humor

Puzzled here friends

Play offs start today

2 issues

Wanting to show code

Some basic php5.3 depricated code fixes [EXAMPLES]

Calling all Beta testers!

Deprecated: Function ereg()

Main Docs Page

Happy New Year!

Bringing in the gallery

Not receiving email[SOLVED]

Current champion avatar missing[SOLVED]

Still available

Rank images[SOLVED]

Post your themes

Feature question

Volunteering to do the docx

Sports Fans

Merry Christmas!!!

Topic Images[SOLVED]

PM Error (Reminder)[SOLVED]

Find anything yet?


New Platinum Nuke Pro v1 installed for test on main site!

Error Forum Admin Platinum


Donations block problem

Streaming Music Block, current song played and last songs

code (this matter has been custom fix)

admin.php redirects to index.php for admins

afk for a few days...

Auto pm


plat-dev site

Forum Restructuring

JQuery Help


nuke blog

Coding changes To be aware of in PNPv1

Changing Blocks Title Name

Changing interests to a title?


Problem with adding "banner" in advertising

Sentinal Is has blocked my IP!

Happy 4th of July

How are you all?

Unable to post Youtube vids

password lost

Vacation! YAY!


error in permissions



google search error

Cant add mods

Forum not sending email when user posts

Not able to load blocks

phpbb3 intergrated in to 502

Impressed theme


Happy Birthday block?

PNPv1 Update (Informational)

compliance fix "improperly closed tag"


404 Not Found infobar.css

colorbox info

need help with downloads and donations urgent

cant see

Looking for a php guestbook

Pro Theme

Recent Topics Posts

Missing image on this site (SOLVED)

private messages (SOLVED)

Fresh Install Issues (SOLVED )

Registration (SOLVED)

Header here

hey, need help with a theme (SOLVED)


Moduels menu returns blank page

RE: New Theme [Techfreak]


requires for

100 more!

Link-Us Module [FIX][UPDATE]

Issues with the link us module

Happy Birthday!!

Install problem 76b5

Video Stream admin panel problem

block-Advanced_Admin [FIX][UPDATE]

block-Advanced_Admin [UPDATE] [FIX]


post text not working right(SOLVED)

Maybe an Option

Alright !!

Christmas & New Year Greetings

.htaccess - Need help !! [SOLVED]

I need someone to help me convert my old Database to Phpbb

Bloque contador de visitas / Block hit counter.

Bloque cuenta atras/block for the countdown.

Que al desconectar aparezca pagina noticias.

Quitar código segur

New Platinum Nuke beta

Admin Database Backup [FIX][UPDATE]

Themes 7.6.b.4v2 para 76v5.0.2


502 full install

hosting 76v5.0.2

Quitar mensaje de logeo.

The Helius Theme

Bloqueado por el sentinel.

Busco theme.

Sobre bloque Admin Menu.

Language Spanish.

PHP-Nuke-Platinum-7.6.0 Questions


New Platinum Nuke Pro v1 in the works!

Platinumnuke 502 working on php-3.3

news module

Video Stream Module Compatability

PHP Version 5.3.3 compatible issue

Happy Turkey Day

Forums theme issues on this site.

A little something ..

Theme converted


Tech Freak

Navigation bar/Menus will not close? [SOLVED]

been awhile

Theme Conversion

forum bloÄŸu ile i

I upgraded to 76502 and cant get zone copper to work

Been Hacked

security code not showing in the platinum nuke tool bar

Birthdays Go Here.

I can't use Turkish characters

this is very strange!

Download setup

The post display width is out of range.

local install/

No Forums when registerd

werd bug??

her modülde farklÃ

Platinum Commercial Lisence Fee

Having some issues with mass e-mail...

Tobacco theme(SOLVED)

Mass e-mail

Zena1's Request

Download Error(SOLVED)

Facebook Like Button

debugging a platinum website

Download Module (Banner)

Import to db??

RD-TheLight Theme

smtp port (SOLVED)

php BB Critical Error (SOLVED)

Genesis Come to Live

country flag?? (solved)

New email subscription Updated

blocks (solved)

can a admin unban me please (solved)

Download Modules

Evo to 5.0.2

Security code any where on site

[SOLVED] flash sigs

Install 76v502 Not Working.

Supporter Modules

Upgrading a site with 76b4 to 76b502

User Hover Menu

admin login url? [SOLVED]

Happy Father's Day!

Welcome our new staff member

Syntax error

Error with Coppermine Photo Gallery (SOLVED)

New Users and database error (SOLVED)

Install error (SOLVED)

site wants to go the install/index.php (SOLVED)

Error please help

Need block made

Security Code

GamerCards Module Feedback

Importing Database vie myphpadmin [SOLVED]

Windows 7 vs Windows 2008 Server

SQL Full of bugs..

Editing Module Functions [SOLVED]

Error loading IP-2-Country tables

Any way to shut off Captcha for install?? [SOLVED]

Modules for Platinum

Hosting a IRC bot

phpMyAdmin - Can't install tables

User Submitted Blocks and Modules

Removing blocks

problem right after fresh install

problem after installation

remove in new Registration

Snavi information

what is best way to convert phpnuke 7.8


Few questions

simple cart

members app

locked out

add new block

Contents manager-need help!

Idler in my site


Someone have any advice

Coverting FlashChat mod and block

Simple Cart

Special request for usage on my site

Snavi scroll speed



Evo Extreme to Platinum 765.0.2

removing header

Setting moderator Statues errors (SOLVED)

DayLight Saving Time


User registration looping [FIXED]

HTML Newsletter - Sponsors

Battlefield website URL help...

Shopping Cart

White page & impressed theme

Impressed Theme

Live Chat errors after activating the block

cookie character length

user_from_flag error [FIX]

Problem with post?

Chat Block


Problems upgrading 7.6.b.5 to 76v502 [FIXED]

Configure the topmenu

Can't install :( [SOLVED]

Downloads Module DBI to DB conversion done.

Transfer users account to new CMS

How turn off error report in evo extreme [SOLVED]

Bug's in Platinum 7.6.b.5

Welcome to a new member of our team

User Application/Login (SOLVED)

Site Error

freaks back.. sorry guys

trojan on the page


Do i have to reConvert my theme

Sentinel upgrade [SOLVED]

upgrading my site

Is the Search engine working or am I to dumb to use it ?

Searching for Arcade Block

Arcade Mod

installed 502

returen page error and chat modules

Theme Conversion

Error after uploading

theme conversion request

snavi & advanced admin (SOLVED)

All pages problem (SOLVED)

Tobacco Theme - User Profile Missing Data

Sommaire Menu name problem (OPEN)

Fonts almost invinsible [Solved]

Forum help

testing 502 [OPEN]

Date of Birth

Member Info [SOLVED]

Private Mesages

(urgent)upgrade then forum problems

PHP6 Ready?

Menu Bar

forum subfolders and pdf file and website link ban

there is error on this website

Snavi and flash headers

Debugging a new site or script..

The header of your website

Last Beta, I hope...


Server to Busy Error.

Upgraded from 7.6b4


" You got Mail" Sound




Custom Calender Module

how do i delete news?

Error i need help with

My buddy erased our database!!

how do you get

Theme converstion request

Set forum to use SMTP mail...

Compatibility questions before install

Forum - Auto Image Resizing Error

way to many thread

test site affected admin.php

Center forums block [SOLVED]

v502 issues

Beta News

Archive on the fly

MySQL server has gone away [SOLVED]

MySQL Exporting Advice Please

Hello all

B4 to B5 Issue (converting themes and other stuff)

Shoutblox in Forums???

Theme Console Upgrade?

Advanced Admin Block...

Box Cover Test

Theme Conversion Request

Some changes around the forums

Nuke Sentinel: blocked IPs from my previous database

statistics module

Nifty nav block

need help...# questions seeking help for

Download Error

Error: Could not obtain moderator status ( Solved )


Help with minor tweaks after upgrade from b5[SOLVED]

Arcade Chat

Just a reminder

Scratchin da noggin.

Beta Testers, Post problems in here!

multi ranks?

Techfreak I have one for ya

[Request]: BlueTabs to v5.0.x

Fusion Issue

Video Stream Module


Private Downloads

Work Probe Admin Error[FIXED]

Note to all Staff

View most recent Changelog

Supporters 2 Module fix 76b5-76v501-76v502

Music game for all

I hear a voice


Players lounge (FPS)

Married with...

Meta.php for xhtml1.0

Theme is bad...

Nukemod Theme Conversions [UPDATED]

Vito aka Eldorado

plat_black 76v502

Video Stream Fix

Arcade Mod

447 Games Pack

Recent Topics

Requesting Theme Support or Conversions

Sorry, no corresponding user info was found new user error

Nice Look .. you ..

Language Translation Package

Rank Images for this site

Im stll here

IE - nuke fusion problem

New User Registration

auto theme

Internet radio block?

Noob Question

A little something for the gamers and IMers

Click away!

Error SQL query

Blocks and Modules for nukes

AUC settings suggestion...

need quick help please

New Theme Design .. 75% complete


Preview Theme Block

platinum nuke 6.9 to platinum nuke v76v5

tutorial module ?


video module

No more platinum support...

Arcade Help Please

fresh install problems


Good Evening ....

Platinum 76v5.0.2

Groups error

[UPDATED]Nukemods fiappleblue210

no access to website

Platinum 7.6.B5 Full Installation Download

Changing php5 file to php4

Gaming Ladder user integration.

This site is extremely unpleasant

Live Help Online

memberlist poster rank image

Need advice for aname please.

Who Is Your Host?

Forum Moderator

CZ userinfo block pageviews option

Xneon fixed theme V5

Cant manage users in forum admin. [SOLVED]

Private Download Module

iCGstation theme V5

Link_us block problem?!?!

Network Bar

Link Us Module (solved)

My Thoughts on 5.0.1



Fresh Install problem

HTML in news or content pages?

FiApple 211 for Plat 5.0.1

When you are DRUNK!

IRC who's online

WebCrawlers block

B5-76v501 Theming

My Thoughts on 5.0.1

Bug ???

Video/Youtube Module.

Platinum 7.6.b.5 Upgrade to Platinum Nuke v5.0.1 sql error

Link-Us Block & modules Fix

Merry Christmas

How to change the keywords in srouce code?

Themes [SOLVED]

Wrong url after install [SOLVED]

Ajax Blocks bug [SOLVED]

Upgrading .4 to .5 to 5.01 upgrade script.

Hello From A Fan

Forums glance MOD update


Video Module

donation block problem


Snow effect

Installation Problems? [SOLVED]

Help Needed to export old users to the new installed site

Wake up call lol

Photo Gallery

Basic Install problem error 501

Navigation Menu [SOLVED]

Protect an IP (Admin)

Make new GOD admin

DEBUG MODE Line : 105 File : smtp.php

installed with blank page

Server Compatibility

Can't add comments

Platinum Nuke v5.0.1-don't create DB

Advertise platinumnuke

Added files to a map for download-how to download

Add your website.

Coppermine Call-time pass-by-reference error

Classifieds NC3.73 modify


Platinum Genesis

Sloooooow download

A little confused here

FN site


drop down box for menu navigation like here.


Box called Latest Site News [SOLVED]

Coppermine file permissions need to be changed?

install permissions on directory folders fail auto.



Flash chat


AUC xhtml fix

Coppermine Upload Troubleshooting

2 modules to concider

php.ini and safe mode

Minor bug in Link to Us + fix

coppermine add-on

Blog Module

debug info


error getting copper to work?

***COMMON B5 FIXES/UPDATES (Brought over from old site)

Navigation Menu Icons

PayPal Instant Payment Notification script

Sommaire Blank Screen [FIXED]

Block to see which users online in IRC

Platinum B5 Coppermine Gallery scrolling

.htaccess - What does it do?

Congratulations and good luck

Error 500 on new install

PM notification sound [Resolved]

Sommaire already installed on platinum?

General Installation Query

update the b5 with all the fixs and such.

I need a good recipe mod for b5

To old...

Clean download

Add new link to mainmenu (Navigation)

noticed something

Coding Standards

Nukec 3.0 Classified Updated

Default theme for this site and release theme...

PHP Tools 4.0 Update

Platinum Coppermine

Hello All

Theme Conversion Tutorial


Flag MOD

Security/Dynamic Titles Update

Forums 2.0.22-to-2.0.23 update

Can't edit profile [FIXED]

Nice site

Spreadsheet (brought over from old site)

Hi all

Howdy Partners

Hello all Domain


Lost !!!

Your Forums Perms

The plan

activateuserconf.php typo

Glance MOD News link Fix

Platinum Nuke is ALIVE!


Welcome to Platinum nuke Pro!




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